Mark E. Miller
VP of Marketing

The Inc. 500/5000 Conference has been an incredible event again this year. Emergenetics International was fortunate enough to make the Inc. 5000 list again this year (#2,688…Woohooo!!) for the second straight year. To achieve this kind of growth, you need innovation, dedication, risk-taking and a strong backbone of planning and strategy to make it happen.

Oh…and you need great people. That last point can’t be stated strongly enough and I know we have great people here at our company, but in getting a chance to network with leaders and employees from the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in America, this point has been made over and over again. It is the linchpin that both supports and drives growth for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

What is amazing to experience here is that with all of the emphasis on tech, social, and mobile innovation…what every speaker and every fellow attendee I talk to always comes back to is the power of people. And the necessity to cultivate a culture of empowerment and inspiration—this kind of approach then drives the implementation that builds these companies and supports their ideas.

Speaker after speaker, from noted innovation guru Guy Kawasaki to one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Caterina Fake (you probably know her as the founder of Flickr), to LiveStrong CEO Doug Ulman…all talked about the power of inspiring others in order to create a better world and better work. As a company devoted to helping people understand themselves and others more effectively and more clearly, it is all that much more powerful to see this in action. Leadership after all, as these speakers and others noted, is about recognizing how you approach your life and taking that realization and running with it to figure out how to translate yourself and your passions to stoke the fire in others.

This idea, bringing passion into the day-to-day, is what has boosted some of the most successful companies in America (and the world) to greater heights. And, it is a lesson that can be actualized in an easier way than we might imagine as business leaders and employees.

My take on it, from hearing inspiring speakers here at Inc. 5000 is this:

  1. Start with an innate understanding of who you are – truly look inwardly to understand what you’re passionate about
  2. Cultivate that passion, via your strengths and your innate approaches, into the work you do on a day to day basis
  3. Recognize that the people you need to inspire around you (whether its employees, team members, bosses, reports, clients or customers) may not have the same path toward understanding passion and creating ideas
  4. Find out how those critical people in your life DO understand passion and speak their language while being true to your core.

There are tactical ways to go about this that I will get into in more blog posts on this, but keep those top 4 in mind!

More to come from Inc. 5000!