Scott Halford | Emergenetics Associate | President, Complete Intelligence LLC

Scott Halford | Emergenetics Associate | President, Complete Intelligence LLC

An interview with 2015 Emergenetics Brain Summit Keynote Speaker Scott Halford.

Q: What led you to want to understand the brain and how it impacts people’s lives?

A: Ironically enough it was Geil who really ignited my interest to a deeper level. The short story is that both Emergenetics and emotional intelligence that led me to it. I work with a good deal of skeptical, analytical and scientific brains. They ALL love the science! I love the science and so I took a deeper dive.

Q: What is something that might surprise us regarding the power of the human brain?

A: A neuroscientist can spend an entire lifetime on a square millimeter of the brain and not fully understand it. As much as we know about the brain, we don’t know that much. And, the brain is really NOT like a computer. That’s an insult to the brain. The brain understands emotions and nuances unlike any machine will likely be able to during our lifetime.

Q: Why is activating your brain a game-changer in a person’s life?

A: I think it’s critical for vitality. It’s the small things we do that activate the things in our brain that make us feel connected, engaged, excited, curious and fulfilled.

Q: How do you use the idea of brain activation in your company and when working with your clients?

A: From a Green perspective, we work very hard at getting clients to schedule me when an audience’s brains are most active and alert…typically morning. We also make food suggestions for clients so that they can offer brain friendly snacks during the breaks. We send a brain basket as a thank you gift, chock full of good brain food and thoughts for the brain. From a Red/Yellow perspective, we are all able to design our lives. Work works around us if we want. It gets busy, but there is still time for our brain to frolic and enjoy some downtime.

Q: What is 1 brain activation technique or exercise would we be silly not to do each day? Or what is your favorite?

A: Take five to ten minutes every hour to reset and refresh (hydrate, laugh, go look at nature. My other favorite is to try something that scares you a little bit.

Q: Do you have a favorite brain related quote? If so, what is it?

A: “Trying to define human life in the brain is like trying to hear the rustle of a forest by listening to a seed.”

-Raymond Tallis, Integrative Neuroscientist