We are celebrating the 20th year of the Brain Summit with a trip to the Big Apple.

Kicking off our first full day session was Dr. Geil Browning reliving memories from the first Brain Summit held in Gold Lake, CO in February of 1993. After reminiscing on past Brain Summits with some very awkward pictures, we touched up a brief history of Emergenetics—one that included visions Emergenetics in public education and dreams of a day where we will no longer have to explain this cleverly coined term.

It turns out that profiling, though it may feel fairly new to us, is really not. Even the American Plains Indians believed that there were four personalities: Mouse on the Ground, Eagle in the Sky, Bear with the Cubs, and Buffalo of the Plain. And so, as humans, we are always looking for ways to better understand each other.

A woman once said to Geil, “Emergenetics is the language of grace.” As we live and use Emergenetics each day, each of us experiences this on a variety of levels.

For Emergenetics International, this reflects in the company’s mission: “To provide psychometric tools and training with the highest levels of quality and integrity in a sustainably, familial environment.” With this in mind, Geil touched upon four key points inside of the mission: quality, integrity, sustainability, and relationships.

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