Yvonne Seah, Anne Yeo, and Andy Pan | Emergenetics Associates

Yvonne Seah, Anne Yeo, and Andy Pan | Emergenetics Associates

We invited three of our associates, Andy Pan, Anne Yeo and Yvonne Seah, to share with us their experiences of Brain Summit 2015 this year. Representing Associates in Asia Pacific were Anne and Yvonne, who attended the event as deeply engaged participants, while Andy Pan, who was selected from the Brain Summit Call for Speakers, presented an enlightening workshop activity that is a powerful exploration of the Emergenetics behavioural attributes.

We are delighted to receive both perspectives from our associates, from a presenter’s point of view and a participant’s point of view. Wherever you stand, you are sure to gain a richer and fuller experience from the Brain Summit. Read more about their best moments, key learnings and feelings from the intense two and a half days global event in Assisi, Italy.

Q: What did you enjoy most about the Brain Summit?

Andy: Ahhh..oh fine, you can print this. On hindsight, my cross-dressing performance during the closing dinner was thoroughly embarrassing yet absolutely entertaining and fun (ha…ironically coming from a First-Third Expressive!)

Anne: Getting away from my everyday-ness and being with other Emergenetics folks.  Everyone at the summit knows and loves Emergenetics, and are willing to share thoughts and ideas with one another.

Yvonne: Quoting from Nelson Mandela: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” At the Brain Summit, a hundred over participants were talking in the same Emergenetics language, so imagine the impact it had on the heart. I really enjoyed the ‘familial’ atmosphere of belonging to one big Emergenetics global family.


Q: Who did you meet and interact with at the Brain Summit that you felt impacted you?

Andy: Well…of course there was Geil [founder of the EmergeneticsProfile and CEO of Emergenetics International] and I guess, it was quite eye-opening to witness the energy and enthusiasm of the Emergenetics International folks from Colorado. Staff members like Chelsea, Shana, and Brad have such passion in their work at Emergenetics that it made me wonder how Emergenetics International may have deliberately created a culture of fun and excitement at its workplace, and which many organisations out there should be envious of.

Shana, if you are reading this, we owe each other a mutual tour of Colorado and Singapore respectively.

Anne: Gosh…how to pick one?  I guess the most impact I got was from the presentation from Tasha and Brian Williams.  We may be operating in two different locations half a world apart, and can still be doing very similar things with Emergenetics.

Yvonne with Sally and Steve

Yvonne with Sally and Steve

Yvonne: Sandy and Steve – they were most helpful and giving. We met them on the train to Assisi as strangers and we connected immediately because of Emergenetics.


Q: What was your one key takeaway from the Brain Summit 2015?

Andy: Honestly, my one key takeaway was that I saw who Geil really is – that she is a sincere, authentic, God-sent angel who truly yearns to change the world with Emergenetics.

Anne: Look Up! That was the takeaway message from Scott Halford’s closing keynote on Day 2. To briefly quote Scott: “When we look up and can be in awe of each other, recognising each other’s gifts- that’s when life is amazing and when great things can be created.”

Yvonne: I learnt that you can create magic by saying: “You know what’s so cool about you?” more often to others.


Q: How bout you, Andy? Maybe you can share with us a summary of the session you gave at the Brain Summit.

Andy: Essentially, it was an experiential activity that helps to bring out the behavioural attributes in a more engaging and powerful manner. Masked as an inter-team competition, participants were led to believe that the objective of the activity was to recreate a ‘masterpiece’ from group memory, not realising that the real purpose was to expose how many of us judge others by their behaviours and not intentions.

This moment of revelation at the end of the exercise teaches us that the Emergenetics Profile can be boasted and embraced during a workshop, but when the real world comes knocking, our sub-conscious selves start to surface and the behaviours of others begin to be misinterpreted, thereby potentially creating distrust amongst team members.


Q: How did it feel to be presenting to our global family, and what was the experience like for you?

Andy: Honoured, surreal, and simply AWESOME. Let me put it this way… as far as I can remember, in attendance for my session, there was Chris Cox, an experienced Master Associate, the Country Representatives of Indonesia and United Kingdom, Dr Mary Case, Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific, and Geil Browning herself.

I was thoroughly nervous at the beginning but as the ice thawed, the energy of the participants rose and I was just glad (and utterly relieved) that Geil congratulated me personally for an eye-opening session. Phewww…


Share one reason why you would recommend associates to attend future Brain Summits?

Andy: The experience of networking with Associates from all over the world can be enlightening and rewarding. You will witness how Emergenetics is being applied in various organisations all over the globe and perhaps learn an activity or two to add more value to the MOTMs that you are currently conducting. And besides, treat this as a learning holiday and let the Brain Summit be your Mecca.

Anne: Just getting away from our everyday busy-ness and getting to connect with like-minded people is already a very good reason to attend the Brain Summit.  To add to this, we get to learn new things from the presenters. This is a huge plus for me.

Yvonne: Associates who attend the Brain Summits are able to Learn from, Connect and Engage with other global family members.


Thank you Andy, Anne and Yvonne for sharing with us your experiences! We are glad that you have gained greatly from the sessions and have enjoyed your trip to Assisi!


About Our Associates

Andy Pan is the Director (Training) of Right Impact Training. Being a dynamic, eloquent corporate trainer and employee engagement consultant, Andy has been designing and delivering corporate training programmes for a decade.

Anne Yeo is passionate about ‘lifting’ people and works mainly with teams. She is also a Certified NeuroLeadership Coach and a Mindfulness practitioner. She spends her days facilitating and coaching teams on their journey to excellence. Anne is also an active volunteer and works with at-risk teenagers and back-to-work women. Also known as madmum, her purpose in life is to ‘stand for the underdogs’.

Yvonne Seah is an experienced trainer in essential skills training including Communication skills and Customer Service skills; Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking skills. She is a firm believer that these skills training are most effective when brain-based Emergenetics approach is interwoven into it to help unique individuals maximise their potentials.

(This post was originally written for the Asia-Pacific Emergenetics Associate blog InterWEave.)