Dr. Geil Browning
CEO & Founder
Emergenetics International

For our last Motivation Monday post about the Language of Grace, I’d like to ask: are you feeling scratchy yet?

Last month, I wrote about the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone, or feeling scratchy, in order to strengthen your leadership skills. One way to put those lessons into practice is by focusing your efforts on changing the way you communicate with others.

Remembering to use words and phrases that will resonate with team members may challenge you, and it is an incredible leadership exercise. In doing so, not only do you practice taking risks, you also have an opportunity to motivate your staff.

This week, I invite you to identify one person who may serve as a coach to you as you try to use language that connects with others. Consider selecting an individual who has a preference in an Emergenetics® Attribute that you would like to learn more about. I also recommend choosing someone who will be open and honest in providing feedback.

Ask them to help you identify terms or phrases in your language that energize them, and encourage them to provide feedback on ways you can alter your language to better connect with their preferences. Doing so will help you flex and learn to connect with those who think and behave differently from you.


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