QA_Joanna_LaceyEmergenetics International is thrilled to have Joanna Lacey as part of our great speaker lineup for the 2017 Brain Summit in Vancouver, Canada! Joanna is a Senior Consultant on a talent and organizational development team at BOK Financial with the purpose of “helping people win.”

As an Advanced Emergenetics Associate, Joanna uses Emergenetics in her executive coaching and leadership development initiatives. Joanna believes that her role in life is to help people unleash their potential and become better versions of themselves.

Let’s get to know Joanna better in advance of the 2017 Emergenetics Brain Summit.

Q: How did you get involved with Emergenetics?

A: Initially, it was during my time at the University of Phoenix. I experienced a few different Emergenetics sessions then, and received my first profile. When I joined BOK Financial, I was excited to learn that they had just begun using Emergenetics too. I was certified as an Associate 5 months later.

Q: You have facilitated more than 50 workshops and seen more than 700 Profiles since you joined Emergenetics in 2014. Has this given you any interesting Emergenetics “a-ha” moments?

A: Plenty! This is one of the wonderful aspects of Emergenetics – with every workshop, I hear more “a-ha” moments from participants, and it deepens my understanding too. In particular, I am always curious to see and hear about the more rare combinations, such as bi-modal yellow/green preferenced thinking, or quadramodal thinking. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a few people with these profiles, and their insights and experiences are fascinating!

Q: Do you have a favorite Emergenetics activity or exercise?

A: I love the Zoom and the Word Problem exercises from Advanced training, and the “design your perfect office space” from MOTM.

Q: How did you use Emergenetics to start a cultural inclusion movement at BOK Financial?

A: We started using it on our team, and our larger department. From there, we began using it with some of our business partners, and it started a buzz going. We realized we had started a cultural evolution, and that we needed to strengthen and leverage our use of Emergenetics even further. At this same time, we had just began work on our diversity and inclusion initiative, and as Emergenetics celebrates the brilliance of differences, we embraced synchronicity, and formulated a plan to use Emergenetics as part of this initiative. Emergenetics has become part of our language and communication as an organization, and we are still working to ensure that all of our employees have taken a profile.

Q: At BOK Financial your purpose is to “help people win.” What does that mean?

A: “We help people win” is our Talent and Organizational team purpose. For us, it means helping people realize their potential, become even more successful, and to then share what they have learned with others, so the entire organizational can benefit from each
individual person winning. No references to Charlie Sheen please 🙂

Q: What was a lesson you learned or advice you were given early in your career that you think would benefit future leaders of today?

A: Get yourself out of the way first. Essentially what this means is being emotionally aware of yourself, and how your perceptions, feelings and beliefs will color how you see, hear and interact with other people. If you are emotionally aware, and practice self-awareness, you can work to remove or dampen down these perceptions so that you can approach interactions with a true sense of curiosity and open-mindedness, operating out of your prefrontal cortex.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: “Failure is not an option” Gene Krantz and “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” Robert F. Kennedy

Q: What’s your favorite family activity to do with your son and husband?

A: Play in the pool or in the sea!

Q: How would you describe the term Emergineering? What is an Emergineer?

A: I would describe “Emergineering” as a proactive, forward-looking endeavor of using Emergenetics to leverage our brilliances in creating, inspiring and shaping the future. An “Emergineer” is someone who engages in this behavior.