QA_David_SalesEmergenetics International is thrilled to have David Sales as part of our great speaker lineup for the 2017 Brain Summit in Vancouver, Canada! David is a director at Emergenetics UK and of First Ascent, a leading provider of leadership and organization performance improvement programs. David is a leading proponent of the Emergineering approach, as well as himself being an Emergenetics Master Trainer.

With the Brain Summit theme of “Emerineering the Future”, David’s session is sure to be of interest. He’ll share what it means to have an Emergineering Mindset.

Let’s get to know David better in advance of the 2017 Emergenetics Brain Summit.

Q: How did you get involved with Emergenetics?

A: My company was appointed as the UK partner for Emergenetics in 2012.

Q: You have facilitated hundreds of workshops and have led several certifications as a Master Associate since you joined Emergenetics in 2012. Has this give you any interesting Emergenetics “ah-ha” moments?

A: So many! The first aha was the split of thinking and behavior in the model. Others include the robustness of the tools, compared to most others, the positive language, the ability to understand others in such a practical way. The potential of Emergineering has been the most recent aha.

Q: Do you have a favorite Emergenetics activity or exercise?

A: Tailoring “Going to Lunch” to the client context and the same with “Planning a Vacation”. Strings and Cups (from Advanced Cert) is also a great favorite. And of course Love Poem, which inevitably ends in fits of laughter all round.

I also now finding creating new exercises to suit the client objectives great fun and very rewarding.

Q: How do you incorporate Emergenetics into the solutions you develop for your clients?

A: It is the foundation philosophy and language for all our solutions.

Q: What are the characteristics of a “strategic mindset”?

A: That is a very big question. Visionary, Consultative, Open, Authentic, Driven, Resilient.

Q:  What leader do you admire and why?

A:  The famous ones all have faults and I remain reflective about the apparent need to balance global achievement with leaving collateral damage. Most politicians fail my test I’m afraid, which is terribly depressing.

Anyone who denies climate change and therefore condemns humanity to a slow and gruesome end is definitely not on my list. As are the leaders in the UK that took us out of Europe …. did two world wars not teach us anything about the importance of cross-border co-operation?

The leaders I really admire are those who selflessly and quietly run organisations that are doing good things in the world, have happy people and delighted “customers”.

Q: How many Ironmans have you done? What advice would you give someone who wanted to try one?

A: Seven.

Stop thinking about it and do it. The mind is more powerful than the body. 2 years before my first ironman I could not run for 200 yards without being puffed out and needing to lean on a streetlight.

Why are you still reading this? You should be on the ironman website signing up for one in late 2018 (after doing a half-ironman in early 2018!).

Q: How would you describe the term Emergineering? What is an Emergineer?

A: Emergineering is using the power of Emergenetics throughout the organization to drive performance to new highs.

An Emergineer is the person who builds the machinery to make this happen.

The world needs more Emergineers if we are to successfully take on the human challenges that confront organisations.