Chelsea Dillon

Chelsea Dillon, Director of Operations, Emergenetics EMEA

The 2015 Emergenetics Brain Summit has begun! For the next few days, The Blog will be covering each session and sharing with you what we’re taking away from each of our brilliant presenters here in Assisi, Italy.

Day One of the Brain Summit began with a welcome cocktail party. We gathered together on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Umbrian valley, and with the Basilica of Saint Francis in the background we began to think about what Connect & Engage, our theme for the conference, truly means. Emergenetics founder Dr. Geil Browning reminded us that only when we seek to understand others can we truly connect with them. Emergenetics is our tool to be able to do that because it provides a common language by which everyone can understand each other. And not only can we understand each other, but we know how to tailor our interactions in order to truly connect with others based on our knowledge of their preferences….and knowledge of our own.

Many conversations centered on the idea that Emergenetics helps teams to recognize and appreciate the unique role that everyone plays in a group. Through the Profile and the Emergenetics attributes, people now have the words to be able to communicate this knowledge and understanding. Because Emergenetics is a strengths-based tool, it is a safe platform through which issues can be addressed and resolved. It encourages constructive and honest conversations.

The lively discussion went from abstract concept to concrete understanding when participants were divided into teams (WEteams of course) and asked to create a stained glass window to represent how Emergenetics connects with them personally and in their relationships with others. In the same way that a stained glass window can change and enhance your perspective of the world, so too does Emergenetics.

One of the things that makes Emergenetics so special is on full display here at the Brain Summit. And what is it?? Family. Community. Fellowship. While this is truly a learning event, it is also so much more! Every two years we gather as a global community where we can connect with our comrades to share ideas, discuss challenges, inspire, and encourage. Family is one of our Emergenetics Core Values. It’s part of our DNA. And I think it’s one of the reasons why Emergenetics is transforming the way people Connect & Engage- in their work, in their life, in schools, and in their community.

Stay Tuned….

Whether you are an Emergenetics Associate or not, The Emergenetics Blog is your Brain Summit headquarters. Each day we’ll share recaps from the sessions, and this year we’re featuring a special “#AskGeil” opportunity during Emergenetics Founder Dr. Geil Browning’s kick off speech on Thursday morning. If you have any burning Emergenetics questions, take to social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and just us #AskGeil. A few lucky questions will be answered during the Summit, but all questions will be answered in a special blog to be released shortly after the Summit.

I can’t wait to share with you everything that I learn. There are some brilliant minds presenting this year so stay tuned… and follow us on social media with #BrainSummit15 for real-time updates!

Watch the Brain Summit slide show here!