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ROI of Office Celebrations

When someone at the office announces a celebration, most of us think, “Party Time! There must be cake in the break room!” Even though I’m always up for cake, there’s a difference between the party and a true celebration of…

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Expressing Appreciation in the Workplace

There are some days that we reserve specifically for celebration, such as Christmas, the Chinese New Year, or Hanukkah. Especially in the workplace, we limit our celebrations to events such as birthdays or work anniversaries. Though these special days undoubtedly deserve…

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What does “Celebration” Mean?

As we celebrate Emergenetics’s 25th Anniversary, we can take a look what a celebration truly is. “Celebrate” comes from the Latin celebratus “much-frequented; kept solemn; famous,” past participle of celebrare “assemble to honor,” also “to publish; sing praises of; practice…

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A Blue Approach to the Olympics

Much of the Great Britain team success in Beijing and London was claimed to be on the back of a ‘Red’ approach to understanding athletes and developing their mental toughness. Coaches realised that the difference in elite athlete’s physical capability was often negligible and…

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