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Why Do We Celebrate Certifications?

Historically, Emergenetics has always celebrated Certifications. And, for anyone who has had the experience of attending an Emergenetics Certification, you know first hand it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating! In true Emergenetics style, we celebrate throughout the Certification week. We do…

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The Value of Connecting with Others and Harnessing Our Potential

  When the idea and planning for the Whole Emergenetics week of learning (WEweek) became real, the excitement in our Singapore office grew week by week.   There were so many ideas, possibilities and permutations of how the week could…

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Do I Celebrate Their Way? Or Mine?

“I don’t want to go to this happy hour. But I know I need to celebrate with my team. How do I congratulate them, while also managing their expectations?” Brad leads a team of 8 consultants. They just successfully completed…

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A WE Soccer Team

This summer an exciting project began. I used Emergenetics to influence collaboration and communication on a youth soccer team I coach. This project began with a workshop hosted by one of our amazing STEP facilitators, Kellie Carroll. Kellie came in and…

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Understanding Means Respect

The beginning of this new century (new millennium, actually) is presenting again the frightening characteristics that books of history have always represented: conflicts, violence, human exploitation, racial and religious hate, wars and even rumours of a third world war! We…

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