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ME to WE
Harnessing the brilliances of each individual to bring out the best of the collective.
We bring it back to the individual.

Our approach to training and team interventions is simple. We bring it all back to the individual – the ME. Organisations, teams, groups – they are all made up of individuals, individuals that bring their experiences, their way of thinking, and their brilliances to the collective.

To harness these experiences, unique ways of thinking and brilliances of each individual to benefit the team, we need to first acknowledge and honour these differences. Sounds intuitive? But it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Differences in experiences, thoughts, behaviours and perceptions all are cause for conflict. Fortunately, managed properly through proper tools, data, training, coaching, and culture building through the Whole Emergenetics (WE) approach, these differences can also make for a very productive and positive team.

Our ME to WE approach is thus one that brings the individual to see how he/she is in relation to the bigger collective – whether it be in a small team, or to the organisation, or to the community at large.

So whether it be a simple teambuilding programme, or a leadership workshop for your managers, or an organisation-wide roll-out, our approach is always the same.

Because we value the people, we know that when we add value to the individual’s learning, we know they will bring value to the team – the WE.

Get tips on how to build trust in a cognitively diverse team.
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