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Collaboration – Harnessing Team Diversity
Grow and strengthen teams

You’ve gotten your team together, but there are some issues to tackle.

How do you build trust? How do you get a manager to lead better? How do you get team members to be mindful to each other, or be agile to meet the ever-changing business need?

Developing team is an ongoing process, and it is never a “one-and-done” effort. People change. Teams change. Business needs change. So how do you equip your team with the necessary skills to be ready to collaborate?

Emergenetics for Developing Teams

Leveraging the Emergenetics Profile and its complementary team reports, our Emergenetics for Developing Team Solutions dive right into the heart of team issues.

These solutions are curated to provide team members with the opportunity to learn new skills as they navigate working in teams, whether as a leader or as a member.

Our Emergenetics for Developing Team solutions are ideal for in-tact teams, and aim to equip teams with skills to:

  • Identify team blind spots and develop strategies to overcome groupthink
  • Deal with difficult team issues such as trust and difficult conversations
  • Use strategies to work better together towards a common goal
  • Leverage the strength of a cognitively diverse team
  • Make teams more effective as they work as a cognitively diverse group

These solutions are long-term and may include hands-on workshops, coaching sessions, follow-up quizzes and reflections to allow for sustainable team learning.

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Developing teams for performance
As a people-centric organisation that practise agile, Emergenetics is an invaluable tool that empowers our people to collaborate better through a deeper understanding of thinking and behavioural preferences.

Alvin Zhang

Director, Red Airship Holdings Pte Ltd
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