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One Survey, Many Solutions
Leverage team reports and tip sheets to deepen team insights and interventions.

Emergenetics Group Report

  • Allows teams to understand their combined preferences
  • Allows teams to discover how they tend to think and behave as a collective
  • Used to identify behaviour tendencies, possible decision-making gaps, and prevents groupthink

Emergenetics Dot Graph Report

  • Shows where every team member stands in relation to each other’s preferences.
  • Shows where each individual stand as compared to others and against the team average
  • Used for onboarding, understanding conflicts within teams, and for developing strategies for employee engagement and team coaching

Emergenetics WEteam Report

  • Recommends groupings based on cognitive diversity
  • Allows leaders to quickly assign members of a group into teams that are as diverse as the group allows for
  • Used for focus-group discussions, brainstorming, task force team selection and cross-functional team formation.

Emergenetics Tip Sheet

  • Provides tips for better and more effective communication and leadership
  • Highlights essential interaction strategies
  • Used for establishing inter-personal communication strategies, building relationships, as prep prior to meetings, for feedback and appraisal sessions

The Emergenetics+ Mobile App

  • Provides interaction strategies at your fingertips.
  • Allows team members to quickly access tips for better interaction and communication
  • Compare profiles between members of a team and generate a team report
  • Provides tips to workplace scenarios including giving feedback and resolving conflict
  • Used in day-to-day business activities and on-the-go
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Through this session, learn how the Emergenetics Profile, its concepts and theories can help teams and organisations collaborate and work together more effectively.

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