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Jimmy Doe's Profile
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Jimmy is a prototypical Right Brain Thinker, with preferences in Social and Conceptual thinking. Jimmy is probably imaginative, intuitive about ideas and people, visionary, socially aware, and empathic. He likely excels at finding relationships between different items and finding new solutions to old problems. Jimmy is generally reserved and agreeable and although he may see many connections, he is likely open to many ideas or points-of-view. Mouse-over this profile to learn more about how the combination of Thinking and Behaviour make our assessment unique.

The combination of Thinking and Behavioural elements is what makes the Emergenetics Profile unlike any on the market. Our accuracy and reliability are extremely high and it is due to this unique combination of attributes. Additionally, because we measure and show all Attributes separately on the Percentile bars, nobody is put into a box. Every person has a degree of each attribute—the key is knowing where your strengths lie.

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