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Source : SembCorp Annual Report
Using Emergenetics to Improve Competency and Teamwork

Release date : 31/3/2017

As part of our Core Competency Framework, the Emergenetics assessment enhances employees’ self-awareness and encourages empathy among team members. After taking the Emergenetics questionnaire, the individual receives a detailed profile describing their thinking and behavioural attributes. Since 2011, over 600 employees have taken the Emergenetics assessment in Singapore.

In 2016, Emergenetics workshops were conducted for close to 400 employees in China and India. Participant feedback indicated that the assessment was a useful tool for self-evaluation, to aid personal and professional development. In addition, through the sharing of Emergenetics profiles, the assessment promoted peer understanding and provided suggestions on how employees could engage other team members based on their thinking and behavioural attributes.

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