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Source: Channel 8
Merits of Flexible Work Arrangements

Release date : 8/03/2020

For many years, Emergenetics Asia Pacific has adopted Flexible Work Arrangements because we believe that it would help our employees excel in both work and personal life. As such, when we activated our Business Continuity Plan after the announcement of DORSCON Orange, our team members were able to quickly move into an alternative mode of operation comprising segregated teams, telecommuting and leveraging digital platforms to ensure collaboration and operations are not disrupted.

This is further made possible by the culture of trust and openness that we have built over the years.We are happy to share our experiences and the merits of Flexible Work Arrangements on MediaCorp Channel 8’s ‘Budget N You’ and we hope that many organisations will be inspired to do likewise.

Watch the interview here. (From 15 mins onwards)

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