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Our People

Emergenetics International is all about people, and we're run by some of the best. Take a look at our worldwide leaders and find out more about the brains behind Emergenetics International.
Global Executive Team

Geil Browning

Geil Browning, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO


Marie Unger

Terence Quek
Chief Executive Officer –
Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific (Headquarters)

Colin Yeow_Emergenetics

Colin Yeow
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Asia Pacific

Deborah Chew_Emergenetics

Deborah Chew
Chief Operating Officer – Asia Pacific

Mark Lim_Emergenetics

Mark Lim
Director of Information Systems – Asia Pacific

Alvin Peh_Emergenetics

Alvin Peh
Manager, Special Projects

Linda Chua
Manager, Business Operations

Amos Lim_Emergenetics

Amos Lim
Manager, Corporate Programmes and Associate Engagement

Naweera Sidik_Emergenetics

Naweera Sidik
Marketing & Communications

Samantha Low_Emergenetics

Samantha Low
Senior Executive, Visual Communications

Jan Ng_Emergenetics

Jan Ng
Assistant Manager, Corporate Programmes

Imee Anra Lim
Executive, Customer Experience

Justin Koh_Emergenetics

Justin Koh
Executive, Associate Engagement

Dorothy Oh_Emergenetics

Dorothy Oh
Executive, Market Analytics

Lini Lingam_Emergenetics

Lini Lingam
Specialist, Youth & Education Programmes

Country Representatives


Dr Chris Lam
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International-Greater China


Siddharta Moersjid
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International-Indonesia


Shinya Nakao
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International-Japan


Seo Hyuen Jung
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International-Korea


Sangeeta Kaur
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International-Malaysia/Brunei


Dr Nattavut Kulnides
Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics International – Thailand

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