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Fact Sheets

We’ve compiled a list of fact sheets to provide you with all you need to better understand Emergenetics and our products.
Emergenetics® Profile Certification

Emergenetics Profile Certification is a 3 – day training class that provides a foundation of Emergenetics knowledge and equips participants with the ability to disseminate Emergenetics insights to any audience – whether in large groups, small teams, one-on-one coaching or any other people development arena.

The Power of WE Training Series covers 12 key business topics and trains individuals and teams on how to best leverage Emergenetics thinking and behavioral insights to maximize performance and create a new, more effective way to work.

What Is Emergenetics ®

Emergenetics is a people and organisational development consulting company dedicated to simplifying human connections in organisations, the community and at home. With over 1800 Certified Associates in over 79 countries, our mission is to improve communication, enable learning, develop personal effectiveness and promote job satisfaction.

Meeting of the Minds

The Emergenetics experience is unlike any other teambuilding, communication or corporate training you’ve ever been a part of. Our goal is to bring minds to new levels. With our signature Meeting of the Minds Workshop, we highlight a full or half-day program designed to give you insight into what’s going on in your head, how that affects your work and life and how you can best work with your colleagues. The results are powerful and have made a difference to organizations for over 20 years.

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