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The Science Behind
the Emergenetics Profile

The Emergenetics Profile

The Emergenetics Profile Metaphor

Drs. Geil Browning and Wendell Williams developed the Emergenetics Profile to combine the core principles of effective learning, communication styles, and team interaction.

The 100-item questionnaire may appear simple, but is actually the product of extensive social research proven to reliably capture the major thinking and behavioural preferences people commonly use.

Psychometric Standards

The Emergenetics Profile meets professional test development criteria defined by the 1999 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The Emergenetics Profile:

  • Has been validated for its Content
    (e.g., r= .43 to r= .67, using independent third-party observers)
  • Has been validated for its Construct
    (e.g. using a Big-Five universally accepted measure of personality)
  • Meets inter-item reliability standards
    (e.g., between r=.76 and r=.83, depending on the factor).
  • Is Test-Retest Reliable
    (e.g., r= .68 and r=.77 based on 415 people over ten years).
  • Periodically undergoes a re-norming¬†of its scoring guide to ensure reporting accuracy.

While no psychometric tool can truly capture the complexity and richness of the human mind-brain-body, the Emergenetics model is grounded firmly in professional psychological survey design and provides a practical and effective tool for successful individual and team communication within virtually any situation.

For more information, download our Technical Manual.

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