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Build Capacity. Build Your People.
Be certified in using the Emergenetics Profile and more.
The Emergenetics Profile Certification

If you are looking at sustaining the impact of the Emergenetics Profile on your team and organisation, the Emergenetics Profile Certification is what you need to get you started.

The Emergenetics Profile Certification programme is a 3-day train-the-trainer course, which provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the Emergenetics Profile

Why be certified?

Being certified in the tool will give you the license to use and integrate the Emergenetics Profile to your existing training programmes, and to provide one-on-one sessions to explain the Emergenetics Profile to individuals. You can leverage the knowledge you’ve gained to design strategies for organisational improvements through the Emergenetics lens.

The Emergenetics Profile Certification is suitable for:

  • Learning & Development Leaders in Organisations
  • HR Managers
  • Organisational Development consultants
  • Team Leaders and Department Managers
  • Independent Trainers, Coaches and Consultants
Find out more
Experience Emergenetics

Ask for your invitation to experience Emergenetics first-hand in a preview session, exclusive for individuals in the people and organisational development space.

Through this session, learn how the Emergenetics Profile, its concepts and theories can help teams and organisations collaborate and work together more effectively.

Request for my preview invitation
As a regional training manager, being certified in the Emergenetics Profile enables me to offer new and exciting training programmes to my entire team. It has been really well-received and has strongly impacted team communication and team work positively.


Regional Training Manager of a Leading Luxury Goods Retailer
Power of WE

If you’re looking to address common challenges faced by teams, the Power of WE workshops could be what you need.

The Power of WE workshops combine the benefits of Whole Emergenetics Teams (WEteamsTM) with the Whole Emergenetics Approach (WEapproachTM) to help teams expand on their knowledge of Emergenetics to create new and better ways to work.

Pick from any of the six workshops to immediately apply the Emergenetics principles into workplace challenges.

Power of WE Workshops Available
  • Accelerating Team Performance
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Managing Change
  • Respecting Differences
  • Crafting Team Norms
  • Building Trust
Power of WE Train-the-Trainer Programme

If you’d like to find out more about our Train-the-Trainer Power of WE programme for your organisation, connect with us!

Build Your Leaders

Leaders have great influence on teams. These programmes have been designed to further enhance leadership potential, equipping your emerging and seasoned leaders with the skills needed to better manage team dynamics.

Emergenetics Team Leader Workshop

The Emergenetics Team Leader Workshop is a programme that provides team leaders with the knowledge of applying Emergenetics knowledge and concepts in their specific areas of work, to help them be better at managing their teams in order to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Manager Coach Workshop

The Manager Coach Workshop provides team leaders, managers and key personnel in your organisation with coaching skills essential to better manage teams while building a positive culture.

Mindful Manager Workshop

The Mindful Manager Workshop is a programme that integrates Emergenetics theories and frameworks with mindfulness principles and practices. It aims to develop the self-awareness of team leaders as they manage themselves and others in the team they lead.

Interested in building the capacity of your team with these workshops and more? Connect with us!

Share with us your challenges and connect with us more to learn and find out how we can partner you in implementing Emergenetics into your organisation with sustainable results through our personalised coaching, workshops and implementation programmes for organisations.

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