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Emergenetics for Business

At Emergenetics we have a new vision for organizational development

, as we give you a way to find the right people, better understand those people and know how to empower them to work through their strengths—It’s all about increasing effectiveness and productivity by gaining more knowledge at every step along the way.

With a full package of products and services, all built on one platform of proven psychology and technology, organizations can test the skill-set of potential employees before hiring them with ESP. They can build stronger teams with the Emergenetics Profile. They can facilitate leadership training and ensure employees and managers are communicating properly with Emergenetics Applications. And, finally, organizations can provide a better feedback model with the EG360 performance evaluation tool. It’s also a new way to look at the employee life cycle—as an organization you can:
  1. Hire the right employee
  2. Train that employee through their strengths
  3. Put that employee into teams and coordinate Emergenetics insights into their daily work
  4. Evaluate employee performance based on a language that is familiar to them
Now, not only can you hire the right people, train those people to maximize their strengths and potential, and utilize a more consistent, valuable feedback system—you can also take the next step and connect Emergenetics into every facet of your business. With Emergenetics Applications, we are focusing on a platform of maximizing your expertise. Via the Emergenetics model, we give you new tools to accentuate your strengths and face your challenges. Tools like The Emergenetics Change Management Module for taking all levels of employees through the Change process…like Tip Sheets for creating more effective, productive and…yes…more profitable teams. You want to know how to position your workforce to set better, more reachable goals (and do it through their own unique preference set)…you’ve got it. You want to ensure that they know exactly how to manage their time and schedule to ensure that those goals get met…again…you’ve got it. Emergenetics International is evolving with your company—and enhancing your success.
“Emergenetics has modified our approach in a very positive way—it’s given us a way to engender trust and build rapport. We can deal with patients more effectively based on knowing their strengths and blindspots. It becomes a different paradigm.”
- Dr. Lee Rice, CEO and Founder, LifeWellness Institute