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Management & Communication: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Emergenetics International Case Study - Blue Cross Blue Shield | PDF

Emergenetics played a big part in helping Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska position their management teams to work horizontally across the organization and communicate with their teams.

Emergenetics is a key element in creating synergy at all levels of the organization, from management to human resources to training. Through a strong training department, BCBS Nebraska has seen Emergenetics become an integral tool to reinforce a unified company culture geared toward a clear approach to organizational development—utilizing dialogue and teamwork to produce results that resonate at all levels.

In a communication realm, managers and employees alike at BCBS Nebraska have embraced the concrete self-awareness that Emergenetics brings and through this shared understanding can more effectively interact and work with one another.

“We have implemented Emergenetics with 90% of the management at BCBS Nebraska. It has been very valuable for managers to better understand themselves and be able to apply that understanding to their relationships with their teams.” – Don Kavalec, Vice President, Organizational Development, BCBS Nebraska

“As CEO of a private wealth management firm, I saw how Emergenetics could add significant value to my firm, both for our staff and also our clients. Today, all staff at Providend go through the Emergenetics profile and I have also conducted internal workshops for them…every staff member now uses the Emergenetics language in our day-to-day conversation.”
- Christopher Tan, CEO, Providend Ltd.